Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Coleman Foundation works to improve self-sufficiency and quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We believe that in order to be effective, organizations serving people with developmental disabilities should be responsive and collaborative with them.

Program Purpose: To support the efforts of IDD service organizations to use best practices.


  • Building a network of nonprofit organizations that provide quality entrepreneurship education
  • Developing and enhancing the capacity of these organizations and their educational staffs
  • Collaborating with other funders to grow and expand Chicago’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Improving business owners’ ability to create and sustain ventures
INTELLECTUAL & DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES spotlight the coleman foundation

Building a Supportive Workplace Culture improves life for people with disabilities

Many people with developmental disabilities depend on Direct Service Personnel (DSPs) to assist them with everything from helping with daily activities, acting as their advocates, and enabling them to gain and keep meaningful employment.

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