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Please review these instructions for submitting an LOI in Fluxx.

  1. All requests begin with a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) submitted via Fluxx that provides an overview of your organization and the concept for which you seek funding.  The LOI must be submitted via the form in Fluxx. You will be able to save your progress in Fluxx and return to it later, if needed. Before submitting an LOI, please check that you meet the preliminary eligibility requirements.


  1. If your LOI and organization meet the eligibility requirements, a program officer will contact you to discuss the concept you have presented. They may work with you to refine your idea.


  1. If the initial concept is determined to be a good fit with Coleman’s funding priorities, the program officer will invite you to submit a full proposal. This will require more details about your organization, request, budget, and anticipated outcomes.  (Again, you will be able to save your form in Fluxx and return to it later.  But once you click “Submit,” you will not be able to view or edit your proposal unless the program officer invites you to make updates.)


  1. You will receive an email confirmation when your proposal is submitted. The program officer will continue to discuss the project with you to prepare it for final presentation to the Coleman Board of Directors.


  1. Your program officer will notify you if your proposal is approved. A grant agreement which includes the reporting and payment schedule will be sent to you and executed using Docusign. Reports will be submitted online, and payments are made using ACH transfers.
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