The Coleman Foundation Announces Fourth Quarter 2017 Entrepreneurship Education Grants

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the Coleman Foundation approved grants totaling $170,000 to non-profit organizations in support of the education program. These grants advance strategies articulated in the Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Impact Plan.  Among those receiving grants in this program area are:


Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, IL

$50,000 – Pathways to Enterprise for Returning Citizens (PERC)

Pathway to Enterprise for Returning Citizens (PERC) is a pilot program that will enable individuals with entrepreneurial interest, who are returning from prison, to receive the training, support and funding they need to start small businesses.


Chicago Urban League, IL

$50,000 – Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This award is to support the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation which promotes business development for entrepreneurs in several Chicago African American communities. The Center offers programs to entrepreneurs, which provides tools that focus on business skills development for startup, early stage and established businesses.


Sunshine Enterprises, IL

$70,000 – Community Entrepreneurship program

Sunshine Enterprises’ mission is to empower local entrepreneurs in underserved areas to grow their business and transform their communities through training, coaching and connections to vital marketplace opportunities.

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