The Coleman Foundation Announces Fourth Quarter 2019 Developmental Disability Services Grant

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the Coleman Foundation approved a grant for $233,353 to a non-profit organization in support of the developmental disabilities services program. Receiving a grant in this program area is:

Aspire, IL

$233,353 – Aspire/NorthPointe Resources Merger – IT Integration Project

With its recent merger with NorthPointe Resources, Aspire has gone from serving 1,000 persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 2018 to 1,500. It also increased its number of locations and residential group homes by 25%, now serving 15 Chicagoland cities and suburbs. This new geographic footprint will allow Aspire to deliver residential, employment, behavioral health, inclusive consulting services, and social enterprises across a vast area. As it increases its scope and scales its operations to reach its goal of serving 3,000 participants by 2025, it will require technology to accommodate that growth.

The award is to support a set of post-merger integration projects that will enable Aspire to deliver services effectively and efficiently. Specifically, it must integrate IT platforms for communication and data sharing, electronic health records (EHRs) for mandated case management records and service plans, and fundraising, financial, personnel, and training databases. These systems are crucial for delivery of its services, the engagement and training of personnel, and the management of relationships with and obligations to funders.

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