The Coleman Foundation invests in the efforts of community-based organizations and local institutions to preserve and strengthen the physical health and the economic and emotional well-being of people living in the greater Chicago region.


The Foundation will create more compassionate, equitable and inclusive resources and opportunities that improve people’s lives with thoughtful and sustainable solutions.


    We trust and build relationships with grantee partners and community experts to ensure that their knowledge and experiences guide our work.

    We are committed to understanding the experiences and perspectives of the people and communities that we serve.

    We foster a culture of learning, adaptivity, and innovation to be sure we take advantage of opportunities to create positive impacts as they arise.
    We manage the Foundation’s resources in a steady, transparent, and responsible manner.

2023 Grants

Health & Rehabilitation
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

*Includes Board Directed And Other Grants

Latest News

Coleman Foundation Announces Results of 2017 #ILGIVE Matching Grants Program

For the fifth year, the Coleman Foundation has awarded matching grants to organizations that have used online and social media methods to generate gifts from new and returning donors.  Focusing on the month of November, 2017 and culminating in #ILGive...

The Coleman Foundation Announces Fourth Quarter 2018 Cancer Care and Health Rehabilitation Services Grants

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the Coleman Foundation approved grants totaling $2,683,050 to nonprofit organizations in support of health and rehabilitation including cancer care. Receiving grants in this program area are: Cancer Care   Northwestern University, IL     ...

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